Gorilla Nodes

What is a Node?

Before we dive into the details and schematics of Gorilla Nodes, let's first understand the concept of "Nodes". The term in DeFi varies a little from what the technical term of a node is, but the latter has become quite popular in the space.
A node is something that can be purchased in exchange for a lifetime of passive income. Once a node is purchased, it cannot be undone. The passive income a node produces is often referred to as "Rewards". The time it takes for the purchaser to recover their investment is known as a Return On Investment (ROI) period.
Example: Node cost is 10 tokens and daily output is 1/day. The amount of time it will take for the purchaser to recover their 10 tokens invested will be 10 days.
By purchasing a Gorilla Node, you will receive $BANANA tokens daily as passive income. Every node created also funds the protocol to help us maintain sustainability and build on future utility.