Gorilla Nodes


Frequently Asked Questions

When will the project launch?
Projected launch date is March 11th
What will the ticker symbol be?
The token ticker symbol will be $BANANA
$Banana. How much will a node cost?
1 Gorilla Node will cost 10 $BANANA
What will opening price be?
Initial liquidity supply will be 10,000 $BANANA and $10,000 for an opening price of $1.
Is there a Whitelist?
Yes, though our team is nicknaming it the Apelist. Follow instructions in our Discord for more information!
How many members on the team?
The team consists of 4 members, a business specialist, 2 professional developers and a social media professional.
Will the team KYC/Doxx?
The team plans to KYC/Doxx at some point, but still looking at the best way to do so.
Will the treasury be multi-sig?
Yes absolutely, multi-sig will be set up with a moderator to start and the team will look at adding an influencer.
Will an audit be completed?
Yes, once the protocol has raised some funds the team will get an audit done.
How do the $Banana tokens from node creation get distributed?
  • 50% Rewards
  • 20% Treasury
  • 20% Development
  • 10% Liquidity
What is the ROI for a Gorilla Node?
For opening week the ROI will be 7 days and then will raise to 14 days.
Does the team actually plan on giving away a BAYC?
Yes, the team is looking at the best options for premium NFTs that can be used for community giveaways throughout the project.
Is there any real-world connection to Gorillas?
Yes, as a matter of fact the team is looking to donate / adopt a Gorilla through a wildlife foundation.